Our lot is Lot 2 and shaded in red. Below are the photos taken May 19th, 2004. Click on the photos for a larger view.

Picture number Description
1 Picture taken across the street from lot 1 and power pole KC-91 (with a transformer) looking towards our lot 2. Our lot starts just past the dog on the other side of the large tree in the picture.
2 Picture taken at our temporary driveway looking towards lot 1. You can see some power lines in the distance.
3 Picture taken at the same spot as picture 2, but looking towards lot 3. The power pole in the distance is pole number LC-81 (without a transformer).
4 Picture taken looking down the property line between lots 3 and 4. In the distance you can see a power pole with a transformer. I did not get the pole number. The pole in the foreground is the same one from picture 3 (LC-81).
5 Picture taken looking at same pole as in picture 4, but looking into lot 3.